Staying Involved  Trainings at ECS

ECS Livelihood Enterprise Development Programme (LEDP), supported by NABARD

As skill upgradation training alone has limited impact on livelihood creation among the SHG members, it was thought prudent to create sustainable livelihoods among SHG members and to attain optimum benefit out of skill upgradation, and a new scheme titled Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programme (LEDP) was launched in December 2015. It envisages the conduct of livelihood promotion programs in clusters. There is provision for intensive training for skill building, refresher training, backward-forward linkages, and handholding & escort supports. It also encompasses the complete value chain and offers an end-to-end solution to the SHG members. [Source: NABARD]

ECS conducted 5 skill upgradation training in batches of 30 members per training in 2020. These 150 beneficiaries were then connected to banks to avail of loans after the training. This year we conducted a 7 days training on floriculture for the SHGs which has been a huge success among the SHG groups.

Added to these 120 other beneficiaries were then provided with 4 pieces of training on piggery. Post the training, the project converged with NEIDA’s livelihood project implemented by ECS and the women were linked to the producers’ company Nagamaiki Smallholder Pig Producer Company Limited and provided credit through the company with a 30% subsidy.

A value addition LEDP is planned for the year 2021 as well.