Farmers Producer Organisations bring Forward and Backward Market Linkage thereby Improving Livelihoods

Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO) were formed so as to promote farmers to help form a platform to sell their produce more effectively and to introduce to them a forward and backward marketing linkage and to improve their livelihood. Member mobilization is being carried out every month so as to provide equal opportunity to the farmers to join the FPO.

Mr. D. Pungom is a Pastor in Pangsha village under Noklak District. Pangsha is situated in Indo- Burma border where communication is a major problem faced by the villagers. Pastor Pungom says “apart from cultivating crops for self-consumption, for many years the farmers have been cultivating cash crops such as cardamom, to generate income to meet their daily financial needs such as medical care, children’s educational needs etc.

Due to marketing difficulties, despite many attempts, farmers were unable to successfully export the products into the market. I came to know about the activity of the FPOs organized by ECS, which was already functioning in other villages and approached the FPO for help to sell their product. Through their help, the farmers from Pangsha village were able to sell all the produce that was harvested during that year. Now most of the farmers have got themselves registered and have become permanent members of the Ajei-Ai-Watthat,” the pastor proudly declared.

Ajei Ai Waathatt FPO (Noklak district) covering Noklak, Kusong, Nokyan ‘A’ & ‘B’ is an FBO that was formed by ECS and registered under Section 11 (2) of the Nagaland Cooperative Societies Act 2017.