From Subsistence to Prosperity through ECS-NEIDA Livestock Project

Namang and his wife Thondi are farmers from a small village called Longtang. In the year 2016, Namang recollects when “a project from TATA Trust - NEIDA and ECS came to our village supporting the farmers in both Agri and Piggery, I enrolled under the piggery project to rear the Sow, to my surprise the project had supported me sand and cement to construct a permanent pigsty with concrete materials followed by supporting me 50% of the piglet share which indeed was a great help.

I attainted various training on sow management and equipped certain technology, with that little knowledge I started piggery though the livestock unit was small, the income generated from the sale of piglet from 2016 to 2020 was around 2 lakhs and proceed income from the sale of fatteners was Rs. 68,000/- (Sixty-eight thousand). Presently I am rearing 2 fatteners and 1 sow. In 2017, I was able to manage to purchase a pair of bullocks for a sum of Rs. 40000/- (Forty thousand) and in the following year I was able to buy another pair of bullocks with a sum of Rs. 49000/- (Forty-nine thousand) from the sale of my fattener and piglets”.

Namang and Thondi are now sending their bullocks for hire to the paddy farmers in their village to plow their paddy fields which earns them about Rs. 800 per hire per day. Thondi says “My husband and I were able to construct a small home for our family from the income generated through this project. Today I am happy that my family has gone up one step ahead through the constant support and knowledge inputs from NEIDA and ECS. Our sincere thanks to TATA Trust- NEIDA and ECS for helping us find an upgrade in the quality of life of my family”.