Supplementary Nutrition through Anganwadi Centres

30 years old Sungmo Kundang from Konya Village in Tuensang district lives with her husband with 7 children in Konya village which is 37 kms away from the district headquarter. Eating nutritious supplementary food was something she could neither afford or even dream about since rural lives are solely dependent on the local produce available in the village. The Angangwadi program was initiated in her village through ECS in 2016 April.

This is her testimony

"Though I was asked to come to the Anganwadi centre by the workers, I never gave importance to the program. I could see many of the pregnant mothers and lactating mother availing services from the centre but I was so busy with my farm and household chores that I could not take out time to go there. It was only in my 2nd Trimester that I went to the Anganwadi centre not understanding the importance of it, which proved to be a live saving grace for me and my child. I was weighed by the Anganwadi worker and they were shocked to see my weight was only 34 kilogram which is apparently far too less for a pregnant mother. They asked me come regularly and gave me additional supplementary food. In 3 months I could see the changes in my health and an increase in weight.

Guidance of eating proper diet, taking care of myself and the baby by the angangwadi worker and the ASHA worker had helped me deliver a healthy baby weighing 3.3 kgs. They encouraged me to deliver at Tuensang hospital which I willingly did. I realized that, proper diet and good nutritional supplement along with regular check-ups really helped me during my pregnancy and delivery. If it was not for the workers I or my child may not have even made it.

I also never gave importance to immunize my other children. Most of them did not take the complete dose but I have learnt that immunization is as equally important as delivering my baby at the hospital. Now, I make sure that my younger children get vaccinations in time and complete their dose.

I'm thankful to all the health workers in my village for guiding me and making me realize how important a proper diet is and also taking care of myself and my child. I will continue to share my experience with mothers like me to avail the Anganwadi services and support through the centre so that every mother can have a safe and healthy delivery like me.”