ICDS- Anganwadi Playschool for Toddlers

The ECS ICDS-Anganwadi project provides hot cooked meals as nutrition support to Pregnant and Lactating Mothers and Children up to 6 years of age along with basic Montessori education for the children.

Kejong Chang lives with his wife and 2 children in Yangpi village. Being a pastor in the village and a key stakeholder in running the program he often visits the Anganwadi centre. During one of these visits, he was accompanied by his youngest son Chang Allen who was enrolled in the Anganwadi centre.

Allen would attend the daily play school sessions at the AW centre but halfheartedly at the beginning. Slowly, however, as he started interacting with his peer members, he enjoyed going to the Anganwadi centre and remained in attendance till he was enrolled at a formal school. Kejong noticed that his youngest son seemed to have fewer challenges fitting into a regular school as compared to his older brother who did not go to a playschool.

Now Allen is 5 years old and he got admitted to Superkids School Dimapur and performing well. Kejong is very happy that his son Allen received the opportunity to be enrolled in the playschool which helped him build a foundation to easily transition to a formal school and encourages other parents to send their children to the ECS playschool.

Chang Allen while talking to his father sometimes asks why they no longer receive biscuits and gahlo (Naga dish) in the big school as they used to in the village school.