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Springshed Management Pilot Project supported by Tata Water Mission

Springshed management or catchment area development was a project initiated with support from Tata Water Mission in 4 villages of Tuensang District.


Rainwater Harvesting and Sanitation supported by Tata water Mission

Freedom from illnesses and related fatalities in the developing world depends, to a large extent on the provision of drinking water and proper sanitation...



Springshed Management in 4 Districts of Nagaland supported by the Department of Rural Development

The Department of Rural Development, Government of Nagaland had Sponsored Water Source Catchment Area Treatment in collaboration with ECS as the implementing...



Sochet Springshed Project Supported by NABARD

Most springs in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) are under severe threat from extensive cutting down of trees for timber, agriculture, anthropogenic...